Our charities

De Uithof supports several charities such as Sophia revalidatiecentrum, Right to play, schaatsen voor water and Think Pink.

Sophia revalidatiecentrum

The Sophia revalidatiecentrum offers special medical rehabilitation help to children, young adults, adults and the elderly. The aim of rehabilitation care is to help the patient to fulfill the role that he or she desires in society as well as possible, despite possible participation problems. There are 650 employees and 65 volunteers at Sophia revalidatiecentrum. They can help 5.500 patients a year because of their multidisciplinary teams. Sophia revalidatie wokrs together intensively with a big amount of constitutions in the region, such as hospitals, nursing homes and with constitutions institutions for physically and mentally disabled people.

There has been a big event organized at he snowslope of De Uithof to raise money for a sitski trip for children with a physical handicap.

Right to play

Right to play is an international aid organization that works for the right of every child to play sports and play in general. Right To Play uses sports and games to teach children in developing countries important skills and indispensable knowledge. With the help of local coaches, 1 million children worldwide now have a chance for a better future. Right To Play is active in more than 20 countries.

De Uithof is available as a location for various events and fundraisers. Besides, we support Right to Play by making advertising available and we make various activities available as auction items.

Schaatsen voor water

Every year charity organization Plan organizes the national student campaign ‘Ice-Skating for Water’. A fantastic action in which thousands of pupils from all over the country strive for peers in Africa. In the run-up to the campaign, children learn about water issues, worldwide and in Africa.

Ice-Skating as many rounds as possible, that’s what it’s about! Rounds sponsored by parents, grandparents, aunts, neighbors and anyone who wants!

De Uithof makes a contribution by making the 400 meter ice track available. In addition, we offer advertising opportunities and various activities such as items for auctions and lotteries.

Think Pink

Think-Pink is the national breast cancer campaign and works daily for breast cancer patients and their families.

Think-Pink provides support and sets up actions in the framework of four clear objectives:

  • To inform
    • Sensitize
    • Financing scientific research
    • Financing care and aftercare projects

Think-Pink help women to buy a wig. The purpose of the Share your Care Fund is to make life during or after breast cancer a little easier with a small gesture or a sign of support. With the Breast Clinics Fund, Think-Pink wants to support the day-to-day operation of the breast clinics and help further optimize the reception and supervision of the patients. Through the SMART Fund, Think-Pink finances scientific research into new methods in the field of detection, treatment and aftercare of breast cancer.

Exercising is very important and reduces the risk of breast cancer. That is why Think-Pink organizes many sporting events. The Race for The Cure in Namur, Brussels and Antwerp, the Ladies-Only bike tours, but also walking and running events. Anyone can participate or support via bike, run or regardless of sporting level or physical condition,  For breast cancer patients it is important to be able to continue their daily activities and to be able to take on cool challenges. That is why Think-Pink only carries out positive campaigns.

De Uithof makes advertising and auction items available for Think Pink.

Stichting Uitgestelde Kinderfeestjes

Long-term living in poverty has a lasting impact on children. Social exclusion, insecurity, not being able to participate or being heard, the shame and the stigmatizing character of poverty. This influences the personal and psychological development of the child and increases the chance of falling behind and inequality.

Stichting Uitgestelde Kinderfeestjes makes a valuable contribution to breaking through this vicious circle of child poverty by donating children’s parties to the children. We do not organize the parties. This is what the party locations do. We believe that every child deserves a carefree childhood and if we can make a difference by giving children a beautiful childhood memory than that is fantastic! That is our motivation to set up this foundation.