Our partners

Our partners

De Uithof works together with several organizations, who are specialized in sporty activities. Because of our partners we are able to extend our business arrangements or company outings  with even more fun and exciting activities.


Airsoft exists quite a long time already, but was legalized in The Netherlands in 2013. Airsoft is similar to paintball but now you will shoot with bb’s (balls of biodegradable material) instead to paintballs.
Airsoft INC. is the biggest full service airsoft organization in the South Holland region.

At De Uithof you can both shoot indoor and outdoor with speeds from 100 km/h to even 550 km/h.
This is how you can shoot further with precision. At Airsoft INC. It is not just shooting around, but will there be several tactical games.
We offer these games for different age-categories: from 10-14 years, from 14-18 years and from 18+.



Evorsa is The organization for your events and sporty events. We will help you organize a successful outing for all ages, sport related or not! All year long.

We offer a great range of activities for every season. This can variate form a specific activity to a full arrangement. Besides the offered activities we also have a lot of experience with other sorts of activities or events such as ice-hockery, kiting or a cycling tour. At Evorsa success is guaranteed!

Evorsa stands for…

  • Professional guidance
  • Comprehensive program
  • Combining activities
  • Enjoying your own outing
  • Every outing is unique
  • Good materials
  • Safety first
  • competitively priced


Klimmuur Den Haag


There is a very wide offer at Klimmuur Den Haag for the starting climbers and the more experienced climber. The walls have a big variety from short walls to bigger walls going up to 22 meters.

Distributed over 39 ropes there are round about 130 routes. When the weathers allows you to, there will be the possibility to climb the outdoor walls.


Bouldering means climbing without a rope. A few steps above the ground, sometimes even a bit higher. Bouldering is the essence of climbing: Power, technique, vision and perseverance if you will climb the boulder or not.

There is no better way than bouldering to screw up your climbing level. Beside the fact that your power and technique will increase it will also be a very social aspect to the climbing sport. You will boulder a lot with others and will stimulate others and yourself to do that one tough boulder.
At our establishment we have an ongoing bouldercompetition. Every round has a duration of 2 months. You can join in on any level!



‘The ice-skating- and skeelerspecialist of The Netherlands’

The oomssport stores ice-skating and skeelers are very modern. You will find anything you want for skeelers and ice-skating. After we opened our doors in 1959 we are nowadays one of the biggest specialty stores to buy your skates and skeelers. Offline and online. We have something for everyone, from hockey skates to figure skates and from clap skates to short track skates.
At Oomssport you will also find inline-skates, roll hockey skates and roller skates.

Oomssport has been the place to hire your skates at De Uithof for years.