About sustainability

Sustainability from all sides

We attach a great value to sustainable business at De Uithof. With 8150 solar panels on the roof De Uithof  has got the biggest amount of solar panels of the The Hague region. With the solar panels De Uithof has got a big contribution to make The Hague climate neutral.

At this moment De Uithof is working hard to be even more sustainable. During this last period of time the company switched to LED-lighting and electric karts. Besides the Zambonis are replaced. Nowadays we drive electrical, instead of fuel or diesel, we generate our own electricity to drive. Also we are more economical with our water use. For example shavings from the ice are reused.

residual heat reused

a lot has been replaced in the engine room in the catacombs. The residual heat which comes free during cooling of the tracks is now reused to heat up the building.

According to director of De Uithof, Eugène de la Croix, this happens because of two reasons.
The company wants to become more sustainable and to earn money. At the end the sustainability leads to an economization of two and a half to three ton on the exploitation. The solar panels and other measures did ask a big investment. One part of the requested money came from a special energy foundation started by the The Hague city hall. We also received a subsidy from the government.

The Hague targets to be climate neutral in 2040 but has the ambition in 2030. that requires considerable measures. From city hall itself and from the citizens, housing development and companies. De Uithof already takes that responsibility.