The latest craze in the field of extreme sports

Airsoft has been around for a very long time, but has only been permitted in the Netherlands since 2013. It can be compared to paintball, there is only shot with bb’s (balls of biodegradable material) in contrast to paintballs.

Airsoft INC. is the largest full service airsoft organization in the South-Holland region.


Another big difference in airsoft is that there is played with 1 on 1 replicas of firearms under cat. 1 of the WWM. Airsoft INC. is the first airsoft organization in South Holland recognized by justice and is thus fully authorized to offer everything in the field of airsoft.

With us you can shoot at speeds between 100 and 550 km/h both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to shoot with precision over much larger distances. At Airsoft INC. it is not about hitting each other randomly, but different tactical games are played. We offer different age categories, from 10-14 years, from 14-18 years and the 18+ variant!

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