The coolest Airsoft outing!

Our arena is praised for being so beautiful, well decorated and smartly set up. The smoke machines, sound effects and light shows complete the simulation. This is Call of Duty without controller, with the coolest airsoft weapons, such as the H&K G36C, the mini uzi, mini mp5 and the Walther P99 & P22. Prices include unlimited ammunition, guidance, weapons and something to drink and eat. You must have been here!

Your own Airsoft guns with you?

Sure take your airsoft guns with you, make sure they have a CE mark and the power is maximum 0,08 joule and that you carry them neatly in a bag. If you play with your own guns, you get a discount and then 1 hour is only € 15,- and 2 hours is only € 25,-!

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