Arrow Tag

Arrow Tag

Have you always wanted to experience what it is like to play in the movie ‘The Hunger Games’? Then grab your chance with a bow and arrow and step into the playing field. With a mask on your head, a bow and 1 arrow it is your mission to hit the opponent. Will you be able to eliminate the opponent’s target?


Arrow Tag lasts a total of 60 minutes. The activity starts with a short workshop for the technique of shooting, safety points and the explanation of the game. After everyone can handle his or her bow, the games can start. As you evade arrows behind different obstacles, you will have to hit your opponents with only one arrow. Missed? Then the task awaits you to collect the loose arrows in the field. Be careful not to be shot down unexpectedly!


Clothing advice
Sporty clothing and sports shoes. Jewelry and watches are not allowed. The Arrow Tag is located in the 400 meter skating rink on an artificial turf. The synthetic turf pitch is not covered, which means that the outdoor temperature is applicable. In case of rain and bad weather, take extra clothing into account.

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Update corona measures November 4th

The Uithof remains open! Of course we have adapted all our activities to the new corona measures.

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