Bootcamp & Obstacle Klub

To win you must prepare

BOK is an indoor training center in The Hague specialized in bootcamp, obstacle and survival run training. We offer a wide range of customized training courses for both beginners and advanced athletes. During these training courses it’s possible to train at your own level and intensity, by yourself or in a group. We are happy to help you achieve your sports goals, but also give you an unforgettable, challenging and sporting experience!


No false promises and screaming instructors, but real personal goals, professional instructors and results! It is essential to have a varied and challenging training program if you want to keep stimulating your muscles. Our training methods are aimed at pushing boundaries. At BOK you learn how to achieve your personal sports goals in a responsible way!

We offer excellent training facilities that will help you prepare for a serious competition, but the trainings are also ideal for anyone who wants to stay fit in a fun way. For beginners and advanced athletes, young and old, who want to stay in shape during the summer or winter break, we also work with personal programs. We believe it is important to look at the individual, regardless of the desired training form, because with an appropriate training program, training is challenging and responsible.

Restaurant closed from October 15th

As a result of the press conference of October 13th, we are forced to close our restaurant as of 15 October 2020. We are still carefully investigating the consequences of the stricter measures for our activities. We hope that we can continue our activities in a safe way. We will keep you informed via our website and social channels!

View the current measures here.