Bumperball on ice

Bumperball on ice

Bumperbal is spectacular … But De Uithof brings bumperball to an even more extreme level. Bumper ball on ice! With an air bubble around you, you have to score with your teammates. So you have to be careful that you do not get “bumped” … or will you be slipping on the ice?

Clashing, falling, passing, shooting and scoring is the formula. Will your team win the battle?



After you have been instructed about the safety and the rules you will do a couple of exercises to get used to the air bubble. When everyone knows the technique about falling and standing on your feet again it is time for a match!


Clothing advice

Keep in mind the location and the weather at all times. Make sure you are warmly dressed and possibly have extra clothing. Advice is sports clothing and sports shoes. Jewelry and watches are not allowed.

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