Looking for a new challenge with an extremely high fun factor? In that case this activity is definitely something for you! With an air bubble around you, you have to score with your teammates. As the title suggests, you can ‘bump’ each other with the balls.

Clashing, falling, passing, shooting and scoring is the formula. Will your team win the battle?



The playing time is determined by the number of participants, the following schedule determines this:

2 to 5 people 15 minutes
6 to 10 people 30 minutes
11 to 15 people 45 minutes
16 to 20 people 60 minutes



Intensity & exchange

Because of the intensity of the activity, regardless of the number of participants, teams will be created in which they will rotate. Keep in mind that a team consists of a maximum of 5 participants.



After you have been instructed about the safety and the rules you will do a couple of exercises to get used to the air bubble. When everyone knows the technique about falling and standing on your feet again it is time for a match!

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