Do you have the Nerf?

Playing in the coolest arena of the moment, with hidden spaces, exciting music, smoke machines, flashes of light etc. All cool games like capture the flag, team death match and search & destroy with constant personal guidance by the marshals .

Bring your own Nerf gun

It’s also possible to bring your own Nerf guns! Please don’t bring your own arrows because of the picking afterwards… When you bring your own Nerf guns you play with discount and the prices drop by € 2,50!

Extreme nerf

Nerf from the age of 14 and of course Airsoft INC. is the first in the Netherlands! Airsoften a little too extreme? Still a little too young for airsoft? Company outing when it comes to sports, games and teamwork, but without all the rules, restrictions, WWM, extreme impact of airsoft and for all colleagues fun and yet exciting? Look no further, you have to experience this!

Shooting with rubber darts

These Jet Blaster guns have an effective range of 30 meters and with 0.5 joules they arrive! Team red vs. Team blue with weapons and ammunition in the color of the team. Red dots for aiming and tactical flashlights for the dark corridors and rooms! The full experience, no foggles, no crazy masks, but freedom and hardcore action!

If you want to make a reservation, you can mail us via