Which lesson do you choose? Skiing or snowboarding?

Are you a beginner on the snow track and not sure yet whether you want to learn to ski or snowboard? Then you are in the right place! In the end, everyone has a personal preference, but we’ll give you a hand by listing the pros and cons of skiing and snowboarding.


If you really have no experience and are starting a lesson for the first time, then skiing is generally a little easier to learn. This is because you stand in a natural position, because both feet are separate from each other straight forward. With snowboarding you stand in a position that you are not used to and as a result you will lose your balance faster and more often. With snowboard lessons you will therefore lie on the ground a lot. Where the ski lessons often leave faster with the ski lift, the snowboarders stay a little longer to practice at the bottom of the slopes.

In the beginning, skiing is a little easier to learn, but that does not mean that snowboarding is by definition more difficult. In the end it takes much more time to learn the correct technique for skiing. To be able to ski really well, you need much more experience than to be able to snowboard well. The question is therefore whether you can have a lot of patience in the beginning.

ski lifts

Each ski lift has different advantages and disadvantages for skiers and snowboarders. To start with the drag lift, that is quite a challenge for beginning snowboarders. Skiers can just stand with their legs forward, but snowboarders are pulled up to the side and this can sometimes cause a crash.

The chairlift is also slightly more relaxed for skiers than for snowboarders. Skiers can simply sit down without having to take anything off. When they arrive at the top, they can immediately continue skiing. Snowboarders must first release their bindings from their boots before getting on the chairlift. When they arrive at the top, they must first sit on the ground to reattach their board. This takes time and can be experienced as annoying.

On the other hand, the gondola has more advantages for snowboarders. They unclip their board and get into the gondola with ease. Enjoy the view! Skiers have a little more trouble with this, because they also have to take off their skis. Then they walk to the gondola in very clumsy shoes and skis and poles in hand. Here they have to ensure that they do not lose materials and also find balance on ski boots. A lot less relaxed than for snowboarders.

bring material

On the way to the ski slope, the skiers know the most inconveniences. Not only do they carry more materials (2 skis and 2 poles), but they also walk very uncomfortably on ski boots. You will notice when trying on shoes that it does not have the best fit and that your feet are quite pinched. The hard bottom of the shoe makes it difficult to unwind your foot while walking. Snowboard shoes, on the other hand, are a lot more comfortable. They don’t feel like an extra burden. In addition, snowboarders only have to carry their board, so less chance that you drop something from your hands.


Of course, winter sports are not entirely without risk. Injuries are common, ranging from very minor to serious. When you go skiing, you have to take into account injuries to the knees and ankles. Skiing puts a lot of weight on your knees and a wrong move puts you at greater risk of twisting than snowboarding. However, with snowboarding you have more chance of arm, wrist and shoulder injuries. This is because you fall more often when snowboarding and you have to constantly catch up with your arms. You can take this into account when you choose one of the sports. Unfortunately, every sport has risks, so don’t let this stop you!


Winter sports are of course not complete without après-ski! After a day on the slopes, you can go to the pub. In winter sports it is not normal that you first go home to change clothes. No, immediately after your descent you dive into the pub for a nice party. A big disadvantage for the skiers are those annoying shoes. You can’t party there. Snowboarders definitely have an advantage here. You can often rent a locker at the bottom of the slopes where you can exchange your ski boots for your chill shoes. That will be a great relief.


All in all, both skiing and snowboarding have advantages and disadvantages. Your personal preference will ultimately be decisive. If you want to make quick progress, choose skiing. If you don’t like those ski boots and lugging all those materials, then choose snowboarding. Do you have weak knees? Even then, snowboarding might be a better choice. If you are afraid of ski lifts, choose skiing again. You notice it already, it is difficult to designate one of the two as the best choice. Tip is to just experience it and then choose what suits you best!

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