Celebrate your birthday at the climbing wall!

 Don’t you have any fear of heights at all? Do you think heights are really cool? Then go climbing at your party! Choose from different climbing parties. Will we see you at the top?

*Children’s parties at the climbing wall (De Klimmuur) include a pancake and lemonade (instead of a Kidsmeal).


Wall Climbing Party

Do you want to climb and clamber and show how strong you are? On the wall sections of the climbing wall you can climb up to 20 meters high. Super exciting! Do you dare to take on the challenge with your friends?



€ 24,50 per child| 2 hours of wall climbing



Wall Climbing and en Speleo Party

Do you want to do more than just climb? Then combine wall climbing with Speleo Adventure. This way you will first brave the heights of our climbing wall and then go exploring. Can you find the exit of our system of corridors through the dark corridors?



€ 27,50 per child| 2 hours of wall climbing and speleo adventure



Bouldering and Speleo Party

Do you already know wall climbing and would you like to experience it in a different way? Then come and boulder! Bouldering is climbing without rope. A few steps above the ground, sometimes a little higher. With bouldering you test how strong you are. Together with Speleo Adventure it will be a party to remember.



€ 21,50 per child| 2 hours of bouldering and speleo adventure



Book your party at ‘De Klimmuur’!

Do you want to go climbing or bouldering with your party? Reservations can easily be made via the website of De Klimmuur.

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