Celebrate your birthday with action and excitement

Do you like to watch f1? or do you like to play call of duty at home? then a kart & games party is something for you! do you and your friends like adventure and speed? then take a look below to see which party you want for your birthday.


Kart Party

You are a speed devil and you love a challenge. Together with your friends you are gonna find out who of you is the fastest on our track. Of course it’s you, right?! Race two heats around our track!



Wednesday – Friday € 16,95 per child| Saturday & Sunday € 18,95 per child|
2 times 8 minutes of karting



Kart &
Laser Tag Party 1

Are you an all-round gamer? Can you accelerate on the kart track and will you be the king with a laser? Then this package is perfect for your party!




Wednesday – Friday € 15,95 per child| Saturday & Sunday € 17,95 per child|
1 time 8 minutes of karting & 1 time 20 minutes of laser tag



Kart &
Laser Tag Party 2

Can’t you get enough of karting, but do you also like to combine your party with laser tag? No problem, this can also be arranged. At Kart & Laser Tag Party 2 you’ll get two heats karting and one heat laser tag.

Double the fun!


Wednesday – Friday € 23,95 per child| Saturday & Sunday € 25,95 per child|
2 times 8 minutes of karting & 1 time 20 minutes of laser tag



Laser Tag Party

This party is for the real gamers out there! Come to De Uithof and play two missons of laser tag with your friends. You will get split up in teams and challenge each other .

Does your team score the most points?


Wednesday – Friday € 14,95 per child| Saturday & Sunday € 16,95 per child|
2 times 12 minutes of laser tag



Sumo Wrestling Party

Sumo wrestling guarantees fun! Getting your opponent off the mat with a thick suit is not that easy. Which one of you is the strongest and comes out as the ultimate winner?

A lot of laughing is guaranteed!



€ 6,95 per child| 1 time 30 minutes of sumo wrestling



Sumo & Laser Tag Party

At this party, sumo wrestling is combined with laser gaming. This way you get a nice active party where strength and cooperation is important! Go look for the other team as a serious sniper and beat your opponent with sumo wrestling.

A perfect combination!



€ 15,95 per child| 1 time 30 minutes of sumo wrestling & 1 time 12 minutes of laser tag



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