We are looking for new colleagues! Do you want to work at De Uithof? Then quickly view jobs at De Uithof.

We are looking for new colleagues! Do you want to work at De Uithof? Then quickly view jobs at De Uithof.


Practical information

On this page you will find the all the practical information about our go-kart track and frequently asked questions. Can’t figure something out? Please contact us at info@deuithof.nl.

Corona measures

  • Online reservation is mandatory.

  • Please report to the box office 30 minutes before your visit for the briefing.

  • Always follow the safety instructions of the staff while karting.

  • The use of a balaclava and gloves is mandatory for E-Karting. You will receive this on arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does one heat karting take?

The duration of a heat is 10 minutes. You must be at the frontoffice 30 minutes in advance. You’ll receive a briefing in which all the rules for karting are explained. If you are late, you may miss the mandatory instruction and we cannot guarantee that you will be able to participate in the activity at the desired time.

How long do I have to be to go karting?

From 1.35 meters, children are allowed to go karting in a children’s heat. From 1.60 meters and a minimum age of 13 you can participate in an adult heat.

Which materials are required during karting?

It is mandatory to wear gloves, and balaclava, neck collar and helmet. You receive for the activity.

How do you ensure that karting is corona proof?

We disinfect all helmets and neck collars with a special UV-C disinfection unit. This way you are assured that your materials are completely clean before you start the activity.

Can you also eat/drink something at the go-kart track?

After karting you can take a seat in our Grand Café.

Is public allowed at the go-kart track?

Yes, this is allowed at the Kartcafé.

What does a family heat entail?

In this heat, parents and children can go karting together. This means that there is a combination of an adult and children’s heat. During the family heat, children are driven on a child’s stand for safety reasons. The duration of a family heat is 10 minutes.