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Do you score the best deal? Then view our deals.

Bumperball De Uithof


Bump, crash, roar!

Looking for a new challenge with an extremely high fun factor? Then this activity is definitely for you! With a bubble around you, you have to score with your teammates. As the title suggests, you can ‘bump’ each other with the balls. Collide, fall, pass, shoot and score is the formula. Will your team come out victorious?



After instructions about safety and rules, a number of exercises will first be done to get used to the air ball. After everyone has learned the technique of falling over and getting up, it is high time for a competition! Due to the intensity of the activity, regardless of the number of participants, teams are created in which they rotate. Please note that a team consists of a maximum of 5 participants. The playing time is determined by the number of participants and varies between 15 and 60 minutes.

Bumperball kids

Why Bumperball

  • High fun factor

  • Ideal for groups

  • Free parking

  • Good to combine with other activities

  • Combine with lunch, dinner or a nice drink

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Bumperball is possible from €10.95 and with a minimum of 5 participants. Request a quote for your group without obligation!

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