Sustainability at De Uithof

De Uithof does as much as possible to operate sustainably. For example, in 2018 we received the Green Key Gold label for all our efforts. Sustainability for De Uithof means that all raw materials and services are used in a conscious way. This is reflected in various facets, namely:

  • Nature reserve De Uithof
  • Solar panels
  • Reuse ice
  • Electric karts
  • Residual heat


Nature reserve De Uithof

In 1968 the construction of nature reserve “De Uithof” started. In this area are numerous organizations, foundations and entrepreneurs who organize fun activities for residents of The Hague. In this video the Municipality of The Hague shows what there is to experience and do in the De Uithof nature reserve. How about picking apples in the orchard, horse riding, playing with the dog, rowing, cycling, shearing sheep, adopting a pet, ice skating or skiing? This is all possible… in De Uithof of course!


Solar panels

With already 8400 solar panels on the roof of De Uithof, the complex has the largest solar roof in Den Haag. This allows us to supply a very large part of The Hague Southwest with electricity. Watch this video in which Eugene de la Croix, director of De Uithof, talks about the installation of the first solar panels.



Reuse of the ice

When resurfacing the ice, we remove a layer of ice from the rink, which is collected as snow in the ice resurfacer. That snow ends up in a large container of warm water so that it melts and becomes water again. The resulting water is filtered and reused, for example, for the new layer of ice or heating our company.



Electric karts

If you come go-karting at De Uithof you race in an electric kart. The karts have no harmful emissions. By no longer using karts that run on petrol or diesel, karting in De Uithof is a climate neutral activity. The karts are charged by the electricity that we generate ourselves from our solar panels, so that we can also save energy there.





Residual heat

Much has also been replaced in the gigantic engine room of the complex. The residual heat that is released during the cooling of the runways is now used to heat the building.