Unique disinfection unit

23 September 2020

UV-C radiation has been used for a long time, especially in hospitals, to kill bacteria and viruses. With the arrival of the coronavirus, health and safety are becoming more and more of a priority, as is the case in the De Uithof sports centre in The Hague. This gave rise to the idea of working with The Grid – Racing to come up with an innovative solution to ensure the health of visitors: a UV-C disinfection unit.

The health and safety of visitors and staff is the highest priority at De Uithof. By means of running routes, disinfection points and the obligation to reserve in advance, risks are avoided as much as possible. On the go-kart track, the challenge was mainly to disinfect the materials, such as the helmets. A balaclava and gloves are mandatory, but the helmets are passed from person to person. With this issue kart track manager Bas van Kuppeveld contacted The Grid – Racing. This is how a beautiful collaboration with UV Smart from Delft began.

UV Smart makes the technology of UV-C radiation usable for validated disinfection of medical instruments and equipment. Especially for De Uithof, the company has developed a special UV-C disinfection unit, which ensures that all viruses and bacteria on helmets and neck collars are removed within 3 minutes. A well-known technology, but unique for karting tracks in the Netherlands. De Uithof owns the first karting track in the Netherlands that has responded to the current situation by using this technology to ensure safety.

Firm Eurofins has been doing research and they actually confirmed that UV-C light successfully destroys the corona virus on objects. The disinfection unit is therefore a valuable investment for De Uithof. Director Eugene de la Croix: “We are proud that we are the first go-kart track in the Netherlands to use UV-C radiation to disinfect materials. We hope that we can inspire other karting tracks to use this technology too. We do everything we can to continue our activities safely, so that people can continue to have fun at De Uithof even in times of the Coronavirus.

The Grid – Racing hopes to convince more kart tracks of the effect of UV-C light on (sports) materials. “The Grid – Racing serves the driver, both on and off the grid. With ‘The Halo’, the UV-C disinfection unit for helmets, we want to contribute to a safer environment for drivers.

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