Saturday, Dec. 9, between 12:00 – 4:00 p.m., the snow track will be exclusively rented out.

Saturday, Dec. 9, between 12:00 – 4:00 p.m., the snow track will be exclusively rented out.


First time on the slopes


Super cool that you are going to be on the slopes for the first time! In addition to mastering the right techniques, there is much more to it. In this blog we give a few tips & tricks that you should take into account when you hit the slopes for the first time.


When you go skiing or snowboarding for the first time, it is important that you wear clothes that keep you warm and dry. Choose to wear waterproof pants. However you look at it, you are still regularly in the snow. In addition, wear mainly comfortable clothing in which you have enough room to move. What you might overlook is the right socks that keep you warm. A fun fact about the human body is that a warm body starts with warm feet.

If you are afraid of falling too hard in the beginning, it can be nice to wear protection. This way you can avoid getting injured. For protection, you can put on wrist or knee pads or wear a helmet. Tip: you don’t have to buy special knee pads, you can also use old inline skate protection if you have this at home.

It is important for both skiers and snowboarders to wear the right size of shoes. Your feet should be secure and your heel should not come off the shoe when you stand on the toe area of ​​your foot. Pain in the feet when braking can mean that your shoes are too small and that you don’t have enough space left. Take the time to find the right shoe size. This prevents many painful problems and makes skiing/snowboarding much easier. For skis or a snowboard, the right size is also important. The correct size of your snowboard depends on your weight and height. A beginner should in any case choose a snowboard that is not too big. A handy tip to find out if you’re the right size is to have the board straight between your chest and nose. You also choose the right size skis based on your height. As a basic length for the skis, assume that the length of the slats is 10-15 cm shorter than your body height. If you put the skis upright in front of you, they will be approximately at the height of your nose and eyes.


When you go skiing or snowboarding for the first time, you don’t have to buy all the materials yourself right away. It is an expensive sport and when you start practicing it for the first time you don’t know whether you will actually enjoy it. So don’t hesitate to buy your own material. At De Uithof we offer the possibility to rent equipment. The dispensing staff will help you find the right materials.


Before you actually go down the slopes, it is wise to take a lesson beforehand. Until January 10, De Uithof has a nice introductory promotion for beginners. Book an introductory lesson for € 19,- instead of € 29,-. During this lesson you will find out if you have found a new hobby!


For the starting snowboarders among us it is good to know how you stand on the board. While snowboarding you always stand with one leg in front of the other. There are many ways to find out which leg is ahead of you. The most common way is the push in the back. You go with your back to allow someone and then this person gives you a small nudge. Out of reaction you step forward and the leg that steps forward first is your preferred leg! Are you standing with the right leg in front? Then you’re goofy. Are you standing with the left leg in front? Then you are regular. Before you get on a snowboard, it is good to know which leg you prefer. It can happen that when you are snowboarding, you prefer to use the other leg. Instructors will therefore always help you choose the right leg!


Skiing or snowboarding demands a lot of perseverance. An important quality to have when you try this sport. As with any sport, the first time is always tricky. It will therefore often happen that you fall, that things do not go the way you want or that you struggle with the tow lift. Defy all problems and remember that everything gets easier if you keep trying!

Will we see you soon on the slopes?

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