Update November 4th

05 November 2020

De Uithof remains open!

Do you want to stay fit these days? Individual sports remain possible at De Uithof! The skating rink, the snow rink and the karting track are still open despite the new measures. Reservations can only be made online and for a maximum of 2 persons. Unfortunately it is temporarily not possible for adults to play laser tag. Children up to 17 years are an exception! For children it remains possible to perform all activities in a larger group than 2 persons. We like to welcome our visitors in an adapted way for a sportive diversion!


Lessons/courses on the snow rink continue in an adapted way. Adults can train in groups of maximum 2 persons at 1.5 meters distance from each other. For children’s lessons this limitation does not apply, children up to 17 are still allowed to play sports in a team. The children’s lessons on the skating rink also continue. The other lessons for adults have to be cancelled for the next two weeks. We hope to resume the lessons after this. All students of De Skischool and De Schaatsschool will receive a message from us with the latest information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Skischool De Uithof
070 – 359 90 02

Schaatsschool De Uithof
070- 404 44 59

Children’s party

Do you have a children’s party planned? Or do you want to surprise your child with a sporty children’s party? That is still possible! Group reservations for children up to 12 years are allowed. Please contact sales@deuithof.nl for more information.

Hospitality industry

Our restaurant was already closed from October 15th and will remain closed for some time to come. Unfortunately it is not possible to eat or drink anything during your visit to De Uithof. Keep this in mind when planning a visit.

We have listed the measures for each activity once again. Read this carefully before you plan a visit to De Uithof.

Skating rink Snow rink E-kart & Laser tag

Click here for an overview of all the measures that apply at De Uithof.

We hope to see you at De Uithof!