Celebrate Easter with De Uithof? Then quickly view our deals.

Celebrate Easter with De Uithof? Then quickly view our deals.



At the Uithof we can offer organizations that want to engage with recreation and sports – and specifically skating, karting, skiing/snowboarding – a prominent, visible place that stands out among a large and wide target group. The Uithof has a total exposure of approximately 1.5 million visitors per year. From the year 2000, the Uithof was transformed into the largest indoor sports center in the Netherlands. The research report that Respons published in 2021 shows that the Uithof came at number 2 as the most visited daytime attraction in the Netherlands.


The Uithof snow track is the most highly regarded indoor training slope in the Netherlands. One of the few ski halls in the Netherlands with real snow. The snow track is open all year round. The Uithof snow track attracts approximately 260.000 visitors of different levels each year. From beginners to advanced winter sports enthusiasts.

  • Banner along the sidewall of the snow track; surface: 18.5m2 (7.5m x 2.5m)
  • Banner on the top wall of the snow track; surface: +-40m2
  • Printing of a ramp or rail


Today the Uithof is a multidisciplinary sports center. However, it was founded as a 400-meter ice rink, to which many people in the Netherlands associate the term De Uithof. Since 1973, fanatic skaters and other people have been able to go to this (semi) covered ice rink. After the ice skating season (Oct/March) starts the Sport & Spel Paleis season (April/September). Various target groups are reached with exposure on the ice rink, with a total of approximately 300.000 visitors.

  • Banner on the side wall of the ice rink; surface: 25m2 (10m x 2.5m)
  • Banner on the boarding; surface: 1 x 5 meters

Other ice

  • Sticker on an ice machine; surface: various (160 x 170 cm side, 140 x140 cm front, 220 x 55 cm side)
  • Sponsoring helmets Skating school; number of 60 helmets


The go-kart track of the Uithof is without doubt the most spectacular track. The go-kart track attracts approximately 150.000 visitors a year. From novice to professional e-karter, everyone can come to us for this activity.

  • Back wall kart track

  • Bridge

  • Bend outside

  • Wall starting setup karts

  • Personalized karts


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