Ijshockey clinic

Ice hockey clinic

Cool company or team activity?

Spectacle on the ice and a classic at De Uithof. In this clinic you will get to know the world of ice hockey. Thick suits, helmets, a puck and a stick make this wonderful sport possible for everyone. Who dares the body check on the boss?


Learn to play ice hockey at De Uithof

The activity lasts 3 hours, with the first hour being devoted entirely to the instruction of the sport and putting on the full equipment. During the hour on the ice rink you will try out the body checks on your boss or colleagues and finish with a game. Afterwards there is enough time to freshen up and change clothes.

Ijshockey clinic De Uithof

Why an ice hockey clinic?

  • Good for the team spirit

  • Weather independent activity

  • Sporty activity

  • Good to combine with other activities

  • Meeting location available

  • Combine with lunch, dinner or a nice drink

  • Ideal for groups

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An Ice Hockey Clinic costs €44.95 per person. An outing with fun and adrenaline! Request a quote for your group without obligation.

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