De Uithof makes every effort to operate sustainably. For example, we have had the Green Key Gold quality mark since 2018. Sustainability for De Uithof means that all raw materials and services are used consciously.

  • There are 8,450 solar panels on our roof.

  • We reuse the ice.

  • Our karts are electrically powered.

  • We use the residual heat that is released.

A roof full of solar panels

With 8,450 solar panels on the roof of De Uithof, the complex has the largest solar roof in the region. With this we can supply a very large part of the Southwest of The Hague with power. We hope to be able to cover the rest of our roofs with solar panels in the future. Through this sustainable way of generating electricity, we want to contribute to the future of our beautiful city and region.


Reuse of the ice

When mopping the ice rink, we remove a layer of ice from the rink, which is collected as snow in the mopping machine. That snow ends up in a large container of warm water, so that it melts and becomes water again. The water that is created as a result is filtered and used again for, for example, the new layer of ice or heating. This way we don’t have to make ‘new ice cream’ every time.


Electric karts

As one of the first kart tracks in the Netherlands, we race completely in electric karts. The karts therefore have no harmful emissions with us. By no longer using karts that run on petrol or diesel, karting in De Uithof is a climate neutral activity. The karts are charged by the electricity that we generate ourselves from our solar panels, so that we can also save energy there. An additional advantage: you no longer smell of petrol after karting, so you don’t have to worry that your clothes have to go into the laundry afterwards (unless you are too fanatical and get out of the kart completely sweaty, of course).


Reusing residual heat

In the catacombs of De Uithof we have a gigantic engine room. We have made some adjustments here. Residual heat is released when the rinks (ice rinks and snow rink) are cooled. This residual heat is compressed in a heat pump and this heat pump again heats our central heating water. With this water we can keep our building warm! In the video, director Eugène de la Croix explains exactly how this all works.