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Ice skating

If you think of typical Dutch sports, ice skating is in the top 3, but fewer and fewer children are learning to skate themselves. In order to keep the skating culture alive, it is good that students go on the ice at a young age and learn to skate in a playful way. During school skating at De Uithof, the students work together with a certified instructor to learn the basic techniques of skating. At the end of the lesson, the students skate around the entire 400-meter track with ease. We have a special program for primary and secondary schools. As a BSO, would you like to come and skate for an afternoon? That’s possible as well! We have reduced prices for schools. Request a quote below without obligation!



Introduce students to winter sports in a fun way! Together with a certified instructor, the students discover how their winter sports talent is doing. Students can both ski and snowboard with us. Does your school offer gym classes in other locations, such as tennis and golf courses? Then choose something unique and come to the snow track in De Uithof. We also offer BSOs the opportunity to come skiing/snowboarding at a reduced rate. The rental of materials is included in the price for schools (and BSOs). Request a quote below without obligation!

Schoolskiën De Uithof

Why De Uithof?

  • Certified instructors.

  • Reduced rate for schools and BSOs.

  • A fitted offer without obligation.

  • Not dependent on weather conditions.

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