Tickets & Rates


Our ice rink offers skating fun for young and old! Whether you are a professional ice skater or want a day out with the family. Everything is possible at the Uithof! Experience the Olympic feeling by stepping on a real 400-meter track or skate in all the space on the Funrink or the scribble track. Due to the extra measures, we work with time locks. An online reservation is required. You can also use the funrink with your ticket, unless this track has been rented out. View our opening hours and practical information here.



If you are coming more often, you can benefit from a subscription, seasonal ticket or 12-ride ticket.


Do you skate once a week at a fixed time? Book your spot immediately for the entire season. You can enter the track every week with your pass, without booking a ticket for this time slot every week. The subscription entitles you to have at least 22 visits for your chosen time slot.

A first subscription costs €209. Tip: you will receive a 10% discount on a 2nd subscription, which costs €188.

Seasonal ticket

Do you skate on average three times a week (or more)? Then get a personal seasonal ticket, which will save you money and gives you flexibility! With the seasonal ticket you have daily access to the track for a block of time, for the entire iceskating season. This way you will have a spot every day within a time block!

The costs for a seasonal ticket are €425,-.

12-ride ticket

Do you skate several times during the season, but you don’t want to be commit to a fixed time and day? Get a 12-ride ticket that includes 12 entrances to the ice rink, by paying for just 11 visits.

With a 12-ride ticket, you have access to the icerink once a day. You do not need to book the entrances in advance. The rides are valid until 22-03-2024. The costs for the 12- ride ticket will be €121,-


Ticket rates & season tickets

Skating is possible from 30 September 2023 until the end of our skating season which ends on 24 March 2024.

Product Price per person
Ticket ice rink €11,-
Time Subscription 1st €209,-
Time Subscription 2nd €188,-
Season ticket €425,-
12-ride ticket €121,-
Guide ticket €4,75

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Rates skate rental

You can rent skates from our partner Oomssport when our ice rink is open. The Oomssport shop is located on the left of our main entrance. They have various types of skates from size 27 till size 47. Tip: for frequent skaters they have a ride card where you can rent skates 10 times and pay for 9. View more information about Oomssport here.

Product Price per person
Rent hockey skates €7,50,-
Rent figure skates €7,50,-
Rent low Noren (long speed skates) €7,50,-
Rent combinors €7,50,-
Rent Viking Unlimited Softboot €10,-
Rent kluun skates €15,-
Rent clap skates €15,-
Rent helmet €2,50
10-ride combinors €64,95,-
10-ride Softboot €89,95,-