Bedrijfsuitje Curling

Curling clinic

A hilarious activity

Curling is a very popular sport at the moment. Not surprising, curling is a super fun teamsport and always causes a lot of hilarity. It is important to maintain your balance, but this is not so easy on the slippery ice. This often results in spectacular bellyslides or other creative ways to get the stone as close as possible to the center of the colored circles. It is just not allowed to give the stone a tap in the right direction with the broom. Although we understand that the temptation is great…

Teamwork is key

How exactly do you play curling? Curling is played by two teams of at least 3 players, with the aim of the game being to get the stones as close to the dolly as possible. Each team has two sweepers to move the stones closer to their target. Teamwork and communication are essential for a good result! So don’t be surprised if everyone around you is suddenly shouting a lot more fanatically than expected. Eyes on the prize shall we say.


Why curling?

  • It’s accessible

  • You don’t have to be able to skate

  • It’s just hilarious

  • It’s good for team building

  • It is ideal for groups

  • An activity you won’t soon forget

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A Curling Clinic costs €34.50 per person, including VAT, ice rink rental, materials and instructor(s). Curling is done with at least 6 people with an age from 14 years. Request a quote for your group without obligation!

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