Please note: in connection with the evening lockdown we use adjusted opening hours until December 19th. See our corona measures page for information.

Please note: in connection with the evening lockdown we use adjusted opening hours until December 19th. See our corona measures page for information.

Schaatsen Den Haag

Practical information

On this page you will find the corona measures, practical information about our ice rink and frequently asked questions. Can’t figure something out? Please contact us via

Safety rules

  • Give eachother as much space as possible.

  • Driving in trains is still allowed.

  • Reserve a time block before your arrival and buy your tickets in advance. You can enter the track fifteen minutes before the start of the time block.

  • Wearing gloves while skating is mandatory.

  • Slow riders skate on the outside of the 400-meter track.

  • Do not enter the ice during the mopping breaks.

  • Don’t sit on the boarding.

  • Only cross the ice via the walkway.

  • Do not drive against the direction.

  • Not with your stick or puck on the ice.

Practical information

  • You can enter the track within your chosen time slot.

  • You can rent or buy skates at Oomssport (at the entrance of De Uithof).

  • Lockers are available along the track for 1 euro.

  • The Funrink is often accessible during free skating, but can be (partly) rented out for another activity.

  • The temperature on the ice rink is approximately equal to the outside temperature. It is wise to dress at this temperature when you go skating.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't own skates. Can I rent/buy skates?

It is possible to rent or buy skates, this is possible at Oomssport. They have all different skates for rent and sale. The Oomssport store is located on the left in our entrance. For more information about the different types of skates that are rented out, see

What is the temperature on the ice rink?

The temperature on the ice rink is equal to the outside temperature. We recommend that you dress in layers so that you can always take a layer off when you get warm. Gloves are mandatory on the ice and wearing a helmet is advised.

Are there lockers for my valuables?

Immediately when you go down the stairs to the ice rink are the lockers on the left. You can put your belongings in the locker with a code you devised yourself. The cost for a locker is €1, this is paid at the locker.

Are there changing rooms for me to change?

Yes there are changing rooms for you to change. These changing rooms can be found between the stands.

What are the benefits of a skating subscription

Do you skate once a week and do you want to be sure of a spot on the track? Then buy a subscription for your desired time block and skate every week at a fixed time. Tip: receive a 10% discount on a second subscription!

What is the advantage of a season ticket?

Do you skate an average of three times a week? Then skate cheaper with a season ticket! With a season ticket you have access every day for the entire skating season. This way you are always guaranteed a spot within a time block!

What if I can't come skating?

If you are unable to come and skate, you must unsubscribe from this activity at least 24 hours before your reservation via Mention the order number of your reservation. We will then move your reservation to a later moment.

Can I leave the skating rink in between my timeslot?

You may leave the track in between, but you may only return to the track during the agreed time block. Then you need to pick up a walk-through ticket at the information desk.