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Skating school De Uithof

Skating is a sporting activity for young and old. At Skating School De Uithof you can take skating lessons at every level! Do you want to learn to skate or do you want to go through the turns even faster? Then you have come to the right place at Skating School De Uithof. Skating school De Uithof teaches skaters on Norwegians. Don’t have Norwegians, but would you like to participate in one of our lessons or courses? You can rent or buy skates at Oomssport.

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When do the skating lessons start?

The skating lessons will start again from the beginning of October.

What kind of skates are best for children to take lessons on?

For (beginning) children it is useful to start on combi nors. Once the children have more experience, they can move on to low standards. Make sure that the skates are sharpened and fit well on the feet.

What kind of skates are best for adults to take lessons on?

For (beginning) adults, we recommend that you start with a combination of shoes or low shoes with a sturdy shoe. Make sure that the skates are sharpened and fit well on your feet.

I don't own skates. Can I rent/buy skates?

It is possible to rent or buy skates, this is possible at Oomssport. They have all different skates for rent and sale. The Oomssport store is located on the left of our entrance. For more information about the different types of skates that are rented out, see

What kind of clothes do I wear to a skating lesson?

Provide clothes that you can move easily in, such as sweatpants. The temperature on the ice rink is comparable to the outside temperature. We advise you to dress in layers, so you can always take a layer off when it gets warm. Gloves are mandatory on the ice and wearing a helmet is advised.

From what age can you take lessons at the skating school?

Skating lessons are given to children from 6 years old.

How do I know what my skating level is?

To determine what your skating level is, you can use our level indicator. Coordinators will be present during the first lessons to determine whether you have been placed in the right group.

Contact with the Skating School

Do you have questions about our courses and activities, or do you need help determining your skating level? For these and other questions, please contact our Skating School. Angelique and Jerrie are happy to help you via and 070 – 404 44 59.

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