Food and drinks

Sports Center De Uithof has several cafes where visitors can enjoy a drink and/or snack. Check out the cafes below! Would you like to make a groupreservation or want to rent one of our cafes for a party? Send an email to sales@deuithof.nl.


Grand Café

Our Grand Café is the largest café, but still very cosy! Here we offer a wide range of lunch and dinner dishes, but you can also enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream to warm up after skiing/snowboarding or ice skating. View the extensive menu below. Take a seat in the various cozy seating areas or by the fireplace and end your day in style.


Sportsbar De Gletsjer

Would you like to hang around after all the activities? Enjoy yourself at our new sportsbar! Watching live sports, breaking your record in the arcade or playing pool.