Tickets & Rates

Will you break the lap record?

This activity is fun for large and small groups, but also for individuals. Who do you challenge to complete the course as fast as possible? In our electric karts you accelerate even faster and you can just sit in your own clothes. It is not without reason that this activity is often booked for bachelor parties, children’s parties or a team activity. Fanaticism and infighting guaranteed! Whether you are an experienced racer or have never been in a kart before, anyone can learn to go kart! Book multiple heats and receive a nice discount. Online reservation is currently required.


Ticket rates

1 heat karting for adults takes 10 minutes and for children 8 minutes. Wearing a balaclava is mandatory because of hygiene measures. The costs are €1,50 per person. Tip: take advantage of our cheaper promotional price for your second and third heat!

Product Price per person
1 heat karting adults €16,50
2 heats karting adults €27,50
3 heats karting adults €38,50
1 heat karting children €12,95
2 heats karting children €24,50
3 heats karting children €32,95
1 family heat €16,50
2 family heats €27,50
1 heat XL karting €26,50
2 heats XL karting €47,00

Combine and take advantage

Do you want to kart more than 1 heat? For example, combine karting with a laser tag mission and take advantage of a nice discount. Discover all offers quickly and book!

Sprint Cup

Book the Sprint Cup and race with your friends, family or colleagues for the famous cup of the indoor kart track at De Uithof! Imagine yourself in the world of real Formula 1 and drive 5 minutes of free practice, 5 minutes of qualifying and a final of 10 minutes.

€31,50 per person*

*The Sprint Cup can be booked from 8 people.

Ultimate cup

Ultimate Cup

The Ultimate Cup has been expanded for the real racers! Book the Ultimate Cup now and drive a 10-minute free practice session, a 10-minute qualifying session and a 20-minute final.

€54,50 per person*

*The Ultimate Cup can be booked from 8 people.

Ultimate cup