Climbing and bouldering


At Klimmuur De Uithof, the offer for climbing is very extensive, for both the beginner and the advanced climber. The walls vary from slightly shorter horizontal walls to the long overhang of almost 22 meters high. Divided over 39 ropes, there are approximately 130 routes to cover. Weather permitting, you can also climb the outer wall.



Bouldering is climbing without a rope. A few steps above the ground, sometimes a little higher. Bouldering is the essence of climbing: strength, technique, insight and perseverance make you climb the boulder…. Or not.

Klimmuur De Uithof

Why climbing and bouldering?

  • Sufficient (free) parking spaces

  • Fun for young and old

  • Both in and outside

  • Including Speleo Adventure

  • Spacious bouldering area and training facility

  • 140 routes varying in difficulty between 3 and 7b

  • Nice as a children’s party or school trip