Sumo wrestling

Will you knock over your opponent?

You and your opponents take on the body of a real sumo wrestler. You try to wrestle your opponent outside the ring or work your opponent through tactical insight to the ground and dive on top. You are a real winner! This is your chance to show who really is the strongest and/or smartest!


Try it yourself!

Sumo wrestling can be booked on wednesdays, saturdays and sundays for up to 8 people. For younger children we have special wrestling suits in a smaller size. The duration of the game depends on the number of players. Reservations for more than 8 people, or on other days is possible by phone, e-mail or with the submission form below.

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Why sumo wrestling?

  • Ideal for groups

  • Good to combine with other activities

  • Simply hilarious

  • Free parking

  • Combine with lunch, dinner or a nice drink

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Sumo wrestling is possible from €7,50 per person for 30 minutes. Request a quote for your group without obligation!

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