Laser tag

Laser tag is one of De Uithof’s most popular group activities. We don’t think that’s crazy, because laser tag is fun for young and old! You can compete in teams or individually. The sensational laser tag arena of the Uithof is over 800m2. A top activity for family days, a company activity or children’s parties!

the game

Teams or individual

With laser tag it is possible to compete against each other in teams as well as individually. Everyone gets a special vest with lights in a certain color (for example your team color), which everyone can shoot at. There is also a light on your gun that you can shoot on. If you get hit, your suit is disabled for 6 seconds. Don’t forget to press the button on the front of your gun while shooting. Only then the laser beam appears and you can hit people. What will your tactics be? Running around like crazy or staying well hidden?


Score points

You can collect points by shooting at opponents. If you hit, you will hear and see that on your gun. You can also see who you shot. Be careful not to shoot your teammates, because that counts too! Did someone hit you? Then you can see who that was on your gun. At the end of the mission you will receive your Lasermaxx score card at the counter. You can see exactly how often you have hit someone and how often you have been hit yourself. You can also see what your statistics were compared to someone else. Don’t forget to share your score on Lasermaxx!