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Prefer a different kind of party? At De Uithof you can also opt for a shooting, climbing or sporty party! Read more about the fun other parties below and request a quote via the form at the bottom of the page.

Climbing parties

Climbing parties are very popular in De Uithof. We therefore offer various activities: Wall climbing party (+ Speleo party) and finally Bouldering & Speleo party. Choose a wall climbing party and learn to climb along a high wall. Do you dare all the way to the top? If you prefer to climb less high, you can also opt for bouldering! This is climbing without rope. That way you don’t go that far above the ground. During Speleo you go on a journey of discovery in our tunnel system. Can you find the exit through the dark corridors?

Wall climbing: € 27,50 per child | Wall climbing + Speleo: € 32,00 per child
Bouldering + Speleo: € 27,50 per child |

  • Pancake included
  • Multiple variations of climbing
  • Material included

Please note: this activity can only be booked through De Klimmuur.


Shooting parties

In addition to laser tag, we offer even more shooting parties for the real snipers. For example, try shooting with a bow and arrow. Archery is an exciting, fun activity where concentration plays an important role. Another party that is very popular among children is Arrow Tag. During this cool party you enter the playing field with a mask, a bow and 1 arrow to eliminate the opponent. Which one of you is the real Robin Hood? Both parties last 60 minutes.

€ 21,90 per child (per activity)

  • Kidsmeal included
  • Parties of 60 minutes
  • Material included

Topzone Parties

Indoor climbing park Topzone consists of 14 obstacles that run through the yellow bars of the 400-meter track. After completing a course, the zip line follows. With a continuous belay system you are always linked to a safety line.

€ 22,45 per child (per activity)

  • Including Kids meal
  • Climbing course with obstacles
  • Including material

Sports parties

Are you looking for real sports activities for your children’s party? We have a wide range there too! How about the funny bumper ball, for example? We offer a BOK party. During this party you will get to know obstacle running, boot camp or survival. Which cool activity do you choose?

BOK party: € 21,90 per child (for 1 of the BOK activities) | 60 minutes

  • Kidsmeal included
  • Multiple sports activities
  • Material included

Powerzone party

To make the choice even more difficult, we also offer the Powerzone party. A climbing and clambering party for the real ninjas. This party consists of several challenges: climbing high, through a maze full of laser beams and over obstacles. PowerZone is for children from 5 years old and lasts 1.5 hours. In the last half hour can play archery. During the party there is of course guidance from professional instructors. If you are looking for enough challenge and variety, this children’s party is definitely for you!

€ 22,45 per child | 60 minutes of climbing and clambering | 30 minutes archery.

  • Kidsmeal included
  • For the real ninja’s
  • Material included

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