Much more than a skating and snow track

De Uithof was founded in 1970. After long discussions, the first pile of the Hague Ice Palace was struck on 17 December 1970. De Uithof was officially opened on January 2 1973  after intensive efforts by all participants, with a 400-meter track and an ice hockey hall.

In 2000, De Uithof changed from just a skating center into a versatile sports center. The offer of De Uithof was expanded with a snow track, karting track, climbing wall, lasergame arena, airsoft arena and a gym. De Uithof is also extremely suitable as a meeting location.

We are proud to announce our number 6 of best-visited Dutch day attraction of 2016! NBTC Holland marketing and Responds have published the ‘TOP50 Day attractions’ of 2017 and De Uithof can take the marvelous 6th place from the most visited day attraction of 2017.