Performance course

Follow a performance course at Skating School De Uithof

During ten or twenty lessons you will learn various facets of skating. The performance course is a course that combines technique/interval and endurance training. In this way you work on the sport-specific condition. During the course you will drive rounds and receive individual instructions. The aim of the course is that you can drive several laps in a row. Skating school De Uithof teaches skaters on noren (speed skates). Don’t have noren, but would you like to participate in one of our classes? You can rent or buy skates at Oomssport.


One and a half hours of training (instead of 50 minutes)

On Thursday evening there is a special group that trains for 1.5 hours instead of 50 minutes. In the 1.5-hour training there is more room for an extensive warm-up, after which the core of the training begins. During the training there is also a mopping break so that you can enjoy freshly mopped ice during the second part of the training. During the training we do more exercises to improve your speed, condition and technique. We conclude the training with some gentle exercises. The 1.5-hour training sessions are only given on Thursday evenings from 20:30 – 22:00. After the warm-up you have ten minutes to put on your skates.


hours & prices

Day Hours (50 minutes class)
Tuesday 20:00 – 20:50
Day Hours (90 minutes class)
Thursday 20:30 – 22:00
Number of classes Price
10 workouts for 50 minutes (October till December) € 189,- (including access to the ice rink)
10 workouts for 90 minutes (October till December) € 199,- (including access to the ice rink)
20 workouts for 50 minutes (October till March) € 358,- (including access to the ice rink)
20 workouts for 90 minutes (October till March) € 368,- (including access to the ice rink)