The ideal winter workout!

In the summer we go out en masse for an intensive boot camp or a lovely run. In winter, many more people have trouble staying fit. It gets cold and dark quickly and with that, the motivation to actively go outside often disappears. Are you tired of the gym in the winter? Then pull out your skates, because skating is the ideal winter workout!


weight training

Skating can actually be compared to strength training. You may think that skating is mainly about putting your legs to work, but we have even more good news for you! During this workout on the ice you train your buttocks, back and abs in addition to your leg muscles. Especially when riding rounds you put your whole body to work, so it’s time to practice those long strokes.


Extra workout in addition to your own sport

Do you also practice another sport? Then skating is perfect to use as cross training. For example, do you want to build up a better condition? Then go on the ice for an hour. By adding skating to your training schedule you not only stay in shape and condition, but you also prevent all kinds of injuries. It is also beneficial for your recovery and provides more variety in your training forms. Something different than a run around!

Also stay mentally fit in the winter!

It is clear that skating is good for your physical health! However, your mental health may be just as important. Especially in the winter months, depression and pessimism are more likely. It’s cold and dark outside, you don’t see much sunlight anymore. All reasons to feel a little less mentally in the winter. It is precisely then that being active is extra important! By going on the ice, you shift your thoughts for a while and you gain a lot of positive energy. Enough to get back to it!

Schaatsen duim

Enough reasons to pull those skates out of the closet again. Do you have little or no experience with skating? At De Uithof you can rent skates and practice on a smaller track first. This way you get better step by step. Fast and less fast skaters can also skate together on our 400-meter track. Enough space!

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