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Skiing techniques during summer


Summer is the perfect time to prepare for winter sports as a skier. Despite the uncertainty this holiday brings, it’s good to keep up with your techniques. This is important to prevent injuries and to prepare you physically for the effort that comes with skiing. Because one day you will be at the top of that slope again and then your techniques should not be lacking. We tell you how to keep up with your skiing techniques during the summer.

Take ski lessons

Don’t fall back on your technique, that’s the most important thing for skiers during the summer months. Keep a steady rhythm so you don’t let your techniques let you down. With a course or lesson you can keep up with or expand your skiing techniques. De Uithof offers various lessons and courses that you can go to as a novice or experienced skier. The September/October course is a 7 week course for kids, minis and adults. During this instructive course you will learn how to improve your techniques on the snow track in 7 weeks. Prefer personal guidance on the snow track? That is possible with our private lessons. During this lesson you will receive lessons at your own level and you will work together with your private teacher.

Keep training

Skiing requires a lot of balance, strength and endurance. It is therefore important to train your body all year round and to maintain your condition, so that you are very strong in your ski boots. In addition to practicing on the snow track, you can follow a sport that connects (in terms of muscle load) to skiing. A sport such as crossfit or following a bootcamp takes a lot of strength and so you keep your condition up. Exercises you can do yourself to strengthen your muscles include squats, pushups, lunges, planks, sit ups, and burpees. To improve your fitness, you can run, sprint, do jumping jacks, and knee lifts. Especially train your abs and your back!

Preparing for winter sports

During the summer months it is therefore important to keep up with your techniques on the snow track so that you are in top shape on the slopes in the winter. Anyone who has ever been on a winter sport can confirm it: the muscle pain is the worst on the third day. On this day, your muscles are most fatigued and need to recover well. By continuing to train your muscles all year round, you prevent this from being a hard day. So keep practicing your techniques on the snow track in the summer, to prepare yourself for winter sports. Go for it!

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